In a World of Versus

Pro-Vaccines Versus Anti-Vaccines Western Medicine Versus Eastern Medicine No Technology Versus Owning most updated technology Homeschool Versus Private School Versus Public School Organic Food Versus I don’t care what I eat Religion Versus Atheist Pro-Life Versus Pro-Choice At-Home Mom Versus Professional Working Mom European Cars Versus American Cars Democrats Versus Republicans It is has been […]

In a World of Darkness, Let Us Show Each Other Hope.

With all that is occuring in our world today, it is easy to be passionately opinionated, convictedly judgemental, and overall, uncompassionate due to fears and anxiety or where our world may venture to as our children grow older in a world of darkness and despair. As we try to commemorate a day dedicated to Martin […]

Why Do People Do Bad Things?

I was having a crap day. I was feeling sad, angry, and disappointed. I was feeling frustrated that people couldn’t care enough about others to make them feel safe, protected, and mostly loved. And then……I come home to the news of what occured in Paris. As my emotions began to rise, I could not help […]

If We Focused on Modesty in the Fashion World, Where Would the Self-Respecting Women Go?

Let me start off by admitting that yes, I love fashion. I love clothes. I remember at a young age being conscientious of what I wore and how exactly I presented myself. I take pride in being well-dressed. You will rarely see me leave my home in sweats, despite being a mother of four and […]

Dear Charise, I Do Not Want to Deal with the Transgender Issue

Dear Charise, I am very upset. My children and I were watching a family movie on ABCFamily and in the middle of the movie, they aired a commercial depicting families going through transgender issues of children dealing with their parent’s sexual reassignment. I was so shocked and surprised as my older child (9 years old) […]

Do You Believe in a Beautiful World?

Last week, I saw a young 16 year old girl as my last client of the day. She came in sad, sat down, and said, “Charise, this is a depressing world and I don’t believe in people anymore. Especially guys.” Now, most of my clients that day came in feeling somewhat depressed, but for some […]