Another One?

However one wants to define the current state of the “women’s movement,” it is safe to say that women will not stop talking. The topic of sexual harassment from men such as Matt Lauer, Mario Batali, Charlie Rose, Larry Nassar, and the list continues on and on….. There will always be another one. From a […]

To All the Mothers…

Mother’s Day 2010 forever changed my feelings regarding this day. I would like to say that I can look at each year as a new and different experience and I believe for the most part, I do that with other aspects of life. Unfortunately, Mother’s Day has remained a negatively tainted day for me that […]

If We Focused on Modesty in the Fashion World, Where Would the Self-Respecting Women Go?

Let me start off by admitting that yes, I love fashion. I love clothes. I remember at a young age being conscientious of what I wore and how exactly I presented myself. I take pride in being well-dressed. You will rarely see me leave my home in sweats, despite being a mother of four and […]

What My Clients Have Learned from 50 Shades

I am going to be honest…I do not have a strong desire to give my personal opinion on 50 Shades of Grey. The internet is infiltrated with a flood of articles and commentaries on EVERYONE and their mother’s opinions of the crazy popularized book of 50 Shades (and ironically many of these people commenting have […]

Nicholas Sparks Has Done a Disservice to Men

Many people blame Disney princesses for convoluding our young girls’ minds into thinking that we can be princesses and that our prince charming will come for us and we shall live happily ever after (yes, insert vomit noices now). However, as a therapist, I find writers like Nicholas Sparks to convolude grown women’s minds. If […]

Are Women Really as Compassionate as They Claim to Be?

We hear it often – women are naturally born as compassionate human beings and that is why professions such as nursing and teaching are predominantly women. These are the professions that are categorized as nurturing, caring, and compassionate jobs and thus, women inundate these fields. Do I believe that women are compassionate? I have to […]

What I Want Men to Know, From a Woman

The other week, I shared how disheartened I was by what men were saying these days. I grew up with fairly “traditional” men. I never heard my father, grandfather, or uncles complain about how hard they had to work in life. I never heard them complain or speak about their wives in a condesending manner. […]

Men, I am Disheartened by You

I have been somewhat disheartened lately as I listen to men speak about women. It never really bothered me before and I believe it is because of where I am today in my life. I am a wife and a mother of both a son and daughters.  I have had my own observations as to […]

I am a Christian Woman and I Support #HeforShe

“Charise, you need to be able to think like a man.” “I’m impressed. You have a man’s brain in a pretty head.” “I didn’t want to hire you because you were too attractive.” “I’m not sure females should be youth ministers because they get pregnant and then, they leave.” “Your intellect and demeanor comes across […]

I Love Smart Women!

I pride myself on my intelligence. I don’t know if I overcompensated my belief that I wasn’t beautiful enough to be identified with that trait and thus, focused on my brain. I don’t know if I physically developed early and boys were not taking me seriously enough, that I made it clear that my brain […]