Acknowledge Your Spouse!!

If you were like the other millions of people in the country, you watched Kobe Bryant’s last basketball game. At the end of the game, when he was given the floor to address his fans, he thanked his wife for all the sacrifices she has made in holding down the fort at home, so that […]

Dear Charise – My Wife and I are Divorcing because of Our Parenting Styles

Dear Charise, My wife and I have constantly argued because we simply do not parent the same way and it has been a source of constant contention in our marriage. I parent my children with discipline, responsibility, and accountability. I know that you too, live in Orange County and I refuse (despite how much money […]

Dear Charise, My Valentine is Not Romantic

Dear Charise, I have been with my husband for over 10 years and we have three children. I have never been one to ask for any gifts, much less expect it. I typically am very content going out with my entire family or going someplace low-key. However, I feel something within me growing and I […]

Do You Like What You See When You Look in the Mirror?

Who do you see when you look in the mirror? I can try and be philosophical and inspirational with a positive twist here. But, I’m not going to because what I see in the mirror these days is a complete mess. I know that is relative, as my friends will probably disagree with that statement. […]

Do You Still Believe in Marriage?

A few posts ago, I mentioned that I was away as my family attended my sister-in-law’s wedding. It’s always interesting to watch the dynamics of a wedding and how people’s opinions on marriage tend to come out unsolicited. I shared how there was a lot to process from my two weeks away and my husband […]

My Wife Has Changed

  Before I begin this post, I want to remind the men from my last post that this is not intended to be negative about who you are as men. Again, this about empowering you to recognize that what you do and say can effect all your relationships positively. Self-awareness and introspection is important in […]

Juggle Much?

Aaaaaaahhhhhh!! I’m losing my mind! My anxieties are high and I cannot breathe. First, let’s be clear – I love my children. But, HOLY COW!!! Can’t I just have a minute where I can breathe? My three year old is constantly whining and ‘please’ refuses to enter her vocabulary. She is quite a demanding little […]

Monster – In – Laws

On  Monday, I mentioned that I would address the question, “How do you deal with your in-laws?” Many clients come in pre-marriage asking questions about their future in-laws and how to deal and cope with them.   Well, I am like a priest in a confessional – I have heard EVERYTHING!! “She’s too skinny – […]