Where Has the Summer Gone?

Yesterday was Business Day at my older two kids’ school. It is the day when we get their uniforms, school supplies, check out the events that will be occuring during the school year, and the most important part – finding out who their teachers will be! It is always  interesting how the kids have evolved […]

It’s Christmas Vacation!!!

It’s two more days until Christmas! My children have been off school since Thursday afternoon and we have already made the most of this Christmas vacation. Yes, I am the mom who sends out her Christmas cards on Black Friday and has all her Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving. And, thank God! I have seen […]

School begins next week!!

Ok, so I had a “to-do” list for the summer…..but the problem is, I don’t know exactly where the summer went. So far, I’m not panicking. Mostly because I do not do procrastination well. Yes, you can hate me – I am that girl who is assigned a book report and I do it when I […]

I’m Back

Last week, I mentioned that I would be going on “vacation.” I am pleased to announce that I survived the Central Valley. Every summer, my mother-in-law hosts a Grandparents’ Camp where she invites all her grandkids to come and stay the week and participate in various activities that she sets up for the kids. My […]


As my clients inform me that they will be going on vacation, it is only natural that I engage and ask where they may be going. Monaco, the Caribbean, Hawaii, New York, France and the list continues to all these glamorous places. As I graciously smile, I can’t help but mutter under my breath with […]