When Your Kids Get in the Way

Two more weeks and summer vacation will come to an end. The kids are now back into the rountine of their extra-curricular schedules, with their backpacks filled with school supplies and their uniforms, washed and hung. We are headed back to the routine of getting through our days filled with clients, meetings, books, projects, homework, […]

Where Has the Summer Gone?

Yesterday was Business Day at my older two kids’ school. It is the day when we get their uniforms, school supplies, check out the events that will be occuring during the school year, and the most important part – finding out who their teachers will be! It is always  interesting how the kids have evolved […]

School begins next week!!

Ok, so I had a “to-do” list for the summer…..but the problem is, I don’t know exactly where the summer went. So far, I’m not panicking. Mostly because I do not do procrastination well. Yes, you can hate me – I am that girl who is assigned a book report and I do it when I […]

Slow down

Well, it’s the last week of summer vacation before the kiddos start school next week. As we fit in last minute excursions, make sure their summer homework is completed, purchase new school supplies, and all the other joys of preparing, I find that everyone seems to be running a little ragged (including myself!!) So, in […]

Bed Rest

On Monday, I shared my anxieties about my babies growing so incredibly fast that I cannot catch my breath. As I shared about my oldest boy going off to camp for a week, I realized that this was harder than I thought it would be. I am preoccupied during my days working, but evening time […]

My Big Babies

You have heard me complain about my son and how obsessed he was with Diary of a Wimpy Kid. How I feel like my brain cells disappear as I listen to his vocabulary mostly consist of booger, fart, and burp jokes.  I have questioned his ability to remember anything despite his extraordinary ability to be […]

I’m Back

Last week, I mentioned that I would be going on “vacation.” I am pleased to announce that I survived the Central Valley. Every summer, my mother-in-law hosts a Grandparents’ Camp where she invites all her grandkids to come and stay the week and participate in various activities that she sets up for the kids. My […]


As my clients inform me that they will be going on vacation, it is only natural that I engage and ask where they may be going. Monaco, the Caribbean, Hawaii, New York, France and the list continues to all these glamorous places. As I graciously smile, I can’t help but mutter under my breath with […]

Summer Movies

It is summer!  And thank God for movie gift cards and Costco tickets because we have been trying to keep up with all sorts of summer movies.  Last weekend, my husband and I took our children to see Monster’s University and I was pleasantly surprised. The messages in that movie fit my value/ belief system […]


My children’s last day of school was Friday and we were graciously gifted by my father and mother-in-law tickets to Legoland. So, what better way to kick start our summer vacation? That’s right – we headed straight to San Diego right after school and spent two days at Legoland. I am exhausted and we haven’t […]