Acknowledge Your Spouse!!

If you were like the other millions of people in the country, you watched Kobe Bryant’s last basketball game. At the end of the game, when he was given the floor to address his fans, he thanked his wife for all the sacrifices she has made in holding down the fort at home, so that […]

Who You Marry Will Be the Most Important Decision You Make

In life, there are many decisions we make. Some decisions impact us greatly with positive and/or negative consequences and some are quickly forgotten. However, with the decision to choose a spouse, this is one that will impact you in both ways FOREVER. In leui of my last post from the divorced dad and the scandal […]

Dear Charise – I’m Unmotivated

Dear Charise, It’s 2015 and I wanted to come into the new year feeling convicted and motivated. Yet, I am feeling depressed, unwilling to change my diet and exercise, unmotivated with work, and completely closed off to my spouse.  Help please! Unmotivated   Dear Unmotivated, I am feeling completely sympathetic towards you and if you […]

Marriage is Horribly Beautiful!!

Some of the responses I received from my last post was interesting. And, for the most part, people who messaged me privately DO believe in marriage. So, why exactly is there such negativity around the concept of marriage? Why do people roll their eyes or make dumb “ball and chain” jokes? Why do people believe […]

Marriage Isn’t What it Used to Be

The last two weeks, I could not help but reflect upon marriage. It seems to have been a theme in my office and amongst my friends. Dinners with friends have unfortunately made me walk away in tears. Moments in my office have left me sad wondering what has happened to marriages today. I know that […]

Do You Put All Your Eggs in One Basket?

Last week, I shared my opinions about the post entitled Marriage Isn’t For You. Is it ok to be selfish in a marriage? Many therapists have reamed this man because we need to be “selfish” at times in order to be available for our spouses. As a therapist, do I believe that? Sure. To a […]

Marriage is About Being Selfless, Right?

There is a blog post going around, entitled Marriage Isn’t For You. I have been emailed and messaged by several people asking my opinion on what this man has to say. These are my thoughts both as a woman, but also a therapist…. This man’s overall message is something I do NOT disagree with. I […]