The Gratitude Exercise

Thanksgiving should be everyday!! It’s one day in which we really focus on gratitude and yet, we really should be grateful everyday. As a therapist, I often advice my clients to utilize the gratitude exercise. Especially for those who struggle with depression. The gratitude exercise incorporates finding something to be grateful for everyday. I like […]

This Week was Crappy! Yet, I Know that God Exists.

This week was crap! I’m just going to be blunt. On Monday morning I got into a car accident. I have been in one other car accident in my life and it was in a parking lot. There was no damage to my car. This time around, my entire passenger side was crashed and the […]

Royal Baby

I know, I know….you are wondering why I am going to write about Kate and William having a baby. Why is this news? Why do we care? We are not Britain, so how the heck does this affect us? I have heard all these negative questions and comments. My response – just shove your negativity […]