Hello 2018!

There have been many people expressing their elation that 2017 is now considered the past. As I have heard people’s stories of sadness the past year, I could not help but reflect upon my own 2017. 2017 began with my husband and I processing the surprising news that we were pregnant with our 5th child. […]

Dear Charise – I’m Unmotivated

Dear Charise, It’s 2015 and I wanted to come into the new year feeling convicted and motivated. Yet, I am feeling depressed, unwilling to change my diet and exercise, unmotivated with work, and completely closed off to my spouse.  Help please! Unmotivated   Dear Unmotivated, I am feeling completely sympathetic towards you and if you […]

Time to Be ReNEWed!!

I hope that everyone had a peaceful Holiday Season. Last year, I shared my opinions on resolutions and reflections. I still believe that reflection should occur everyday, as with resolutions. However, many times, reflection can be a slow process. As one can tell, my blog posts became somewhat sparce the last few months. The last […]

Let’s Do This, 2014!!

As mentioned before, the holiday season is a busy time for me professionally as my clients book up their sessions with anxiety-ridden triggers of family, finances, grief, and all the emotional roller coaster effects that looking at a Christmas does to one’s psyche. However, it is 2014! As a therapist, I do work with people […]