To All the Mothers…

Mother’s Day 2010 forever changed my feelings regarding this day. I would like to say that I can look at each year as a new and different experience and I believe for the most part, I do that with other aspects of life. Unfortunately, Mother’s Day has remained a negatively tainted day for me that […]

My Fantasy of Motherhood is Not My Reality

Mother’s Day can be a sensitive day for many. And although I have typically honored Mother’s Day weekend with a positive post in the past, this year I hesitated as I came across many women who were struggling. I felt so much compassion and empathy as I listened to their stories. I could not help […]

Dear Charise, I Do Not Have a Hallmark Relationship with My Mother

Dear Charise, As Mother’s Day approaches, it is always difficult for me to find an appropriate card. I respect and love my mother; however, I simply do not and have never had a “Hallmark” relationship with her. I never had the relationship with her that I saw my girlfriends had with their mothers where they […]

Mother’s Day Can Be A Sad Day For Me.

A client expressed to me his apprehensions about a party his work was throwing in honor of him. His apprehension was not the party itself, but rather the party was scheduled the same day as the death anniversary of his son. Another client shared her negative feelings about attending a baby shower over the weekend. […]