The Day I had a Panic Attack When My Daughter Said She Wanted to be Just Like Me!!

Let’s be truthful. I am a pretty good actress. I am not boasting – My husband will reassure you this is true and my daughter validated this thought not too long ago. I walk out of my home looking put together. I present calm and collected. I speak well. I manage my emotions to the […]

My Fantasy of Motherhood is Not My Reality

Mother’s Day can be a sensitive day for many. And although I have typically honored Mother’s Day weekend with a positive post in the past, this year I hesitated as I came across many women who were struggling. I felt so much compassion and empathy as I listened to their stories. I could not help […]

Dear Charise, I Do Not Have a Hallmark Relationship with My Mother

Dear Charise, As Mother’s Day approaches, it is always difficult for me to find an appropriate card. I respect and love my mother; however, I simply do not and have never had a “Hallmark” relationship with her. I never had the relationship with her that I saw my girlfriends had with their mothers where they […]