Do You Like What You See When You Look in the Mirror?

Who do you see when you look in the mirror? I can try and be philosophical and inspirational with a positive twist here. But, I’m not going to because what I see in the mirror these days is a complete mess. I know that is relative, as my friends will probably disagree with that statement. […]

Dear Charise – My Daughter is Off to College

“Dear Charise” is BACK!!!! I have to apologize because I actually have been receiving “Dear Charise” emails, but I simply have not been able to filter through some of them to answer. I am back and have actually received this particular question several times throughout this past month and thought it would be appropriate to […]

I Am That Weird Mom Who Cries At My Children’s Christmas Concert!

  I am quite a cynical person. I am the woman who rolls her eyes with a vomit reflux at a romantic movie. When women swoon over sweet gumdrops and lollipop type-things, I can’t help but make a face like my 9 year old son at the sight of vegetables! I am not an overtly […]