Who You Marry Will Be the Most Important Decision You Make

In life, there are many decisions we make. Some decisions impact us greatly with positive and/or negative consequences and some are quickly forgotten. However, with the decision to choose a spouse, this is one that will impact you in both ways FOREVER. In leui of my last post from the divorced dad and the scandal […]

Dear Charise, I Do Not Have a Hallmark Relationship with My Mother

Dear Charise, As Mother’s Day approaches, it is always difficult for me to find an appropriate card. I respect and love my mother; however, I simply do not and have never had a “Hallmark” relationship with her. I never had the relationship with her that I saw my girlfriends had with their mothers where they […]

Dear Charise, My Valentine is Not Romantic

Dear Charise, I have been with my husband for over 10 years and we have three children. I have never been one to ask for any gifts, much less expect it. I typically am very content going out with my entire family or going someplace low-key. However, I feel something within me growing and I […]