Dear Charise – I Love My Husband, But I Still Think About My Ex

Dear Charise, I have been for the most part, happily married to my husband for 16 years and we have a beautiful family of 3 children. I know that my husband loves me. We have a gorgeous home, our children are privileged with life experiences such as traveling, I get to be an at-home mom; and yet, for […]

How Do You Keep Your Life in Perspective?

It can be difficult to not be inundated with worldly chaos. It can be even more difficult to compartmentalize our emotional chaos from our environment. When we look at our lives, it is easy to be immersed in all the stressors and see only what is in our bubble. This is normal. However, I ask, […]

When Your Kids Get in the Way

Two more weeks and summer vacation will come to an end. The kids are now back into the rountine of their extra-curricular schedules, with their backpacks filled with school supplies and their uniforms, washed and hung. We are headed back to the routine of getting through our days filled with clients, meetings, books, projects, homework, […]

Is Life Passing You By?

Don’t you just feel like the world is spinning around you and you are not quite sure what is becoming of you? Life seems to pass us by. We see photos of animated characters where life stressors swirl around their head. A picture that depicts the reality of how we often times feel. People used […]

Are You Focusing?

Life is crazy and hectic, isn’t it? Is it difficult sometimes for you to focus? I mean really focus. Not focus on work, not focus on having a perfect swimsuit model body, not focus on having a model home, not focus on stuff. FOCUS. Focus on life. What is your life defined by? I have […]

Do You Like What You See When You Look in the Mirror?

Who do you see when you look in the mirror? I can try and be philosophical and inspirational with a positive twist here. But, I’m not going to because what I see in the mirror these days is a complete mess. I know that is relative, as my friends will probably disagree with that statement. […]

Youth Ministry Changed My Life

As I mentioned last week, my purpose when I started my blog was to be able to relate my humanness despite the perceptions people have of me. That I am real. That I can and do feel depressed, anxious, frustrated, angry, and the entire gamut of emotions. That I struggle as a wife and mother. […]

To My 20 Year Old Self

Last week it was my birthday. Another year older…Sorry, I will not disclose my age – it serves absolutely no purpose! Especially when my children want to to put that MANY candles on a cupcake! In all seriousness, I write a lot about staying positive. But, to be honest, whenever my birthday approaches, I tend […]

Trust God

Life is hard. It can be hard. An old supervisor used to say, “Charise, socioeconomic status doesn’t matter. Pain is pain, regardless.” That comment took quite some time for it to truly penetrate to a place of understanding and sympathy. My life in comparison to many others is not difficult. No, I am not homeless. […]

According to Facebook….

As some of you have seen recently, your Facebook feed has been bombarded by all of your “friends’” beautiful and ever-so-sappy videos. According to my video, I joined Facebook back in 2008. And, my most “liked” status was announcing that my husband and I were pregnant with our fourth child. I had to laugh at […]