In a World of Versus

Pro-Vaccines Versus Anti-Vaccines Western Medicine Versus Eastern Medicine No Technology Versus Owning most updated technology Homeschool Versus Private School Versus Public School Organic Food Versus I don’t care what I eat Religion Versus Atheist Pro-Life Versus Pro-Choice At-Home Mom Versus Professional Working Mom European Cars Versus American Cars Democrats Versus Republicans It is has been […]

Is Being Merciful on Your New Year’s Resolution List?

Happy New Year!! Many of you know that I don’t necessarily participate in New Year’s Resolution Lists. I can appreciate them and I recognize that for many people, the beginning of the year brings a sense of motivation. I make a resolution list every day, week, month…but, constantly hearing and reading various different resolutions throughout […]

Why Do People Do Bad Things?

I was having a crap day. I was feeling sad, angry, and disappointed. I was feeling frustrated that people couldn’t care enough about others to make them feel safe, protected, and mostly loved. And then……I come home to the news of what occured in Paris. As my emotions began to rise, I could not help […]

Do You Walk Like Jesus?

A blank stare is typically given to me when I ask young people who their heroes are. An apathetic look is a typical response I receive when I ask who they admire. In this day and age, people are yearning to feel convicted. To feel like there is direction in life. To feel a purpose. […]

What Cinderella Taught Me….

My two older daughters are four years and one day apart. They both had birthdays last week and every year, I am amazed at how fast they are growing. Having daughters is not anything I specifically planned. I actually thought that I wanted to have all sons. That is, until I realized I didn’t have […]

Is Dignity Lost?

“KEEP YOUR DIGNITY!” was a constant phrase yelled spoken to me by my mother. Dignity. According to Webster’s dictionary, dignity is defined as “the state or quality of being worthy of respect.”  Growing up, the word “respect” was constantly impounded into our head. To respect our elders, those around us, and to respect ourselves was simply […]

To My Daughters…

When my Baby Girl turned one in January, I wrote about the mixed emotions of joy and sadness that I was experiencing. This week are my two other daughters’ birthdays and I am experiencing the same emotions. My Squish and Toot are 4 years and 1 day apart and as we celebrate their birthdays, the […]

Dates with our Children

One of the many things I love about my children’s school is their Father-Daughter Dance and the Mother-Son Event. It is so incredibly important to remember to “date” our children. It’s especially important when you have 4 children so that every once in awhile, they don’t get  wrapped up in the chaos of what we […]

Mahatma Gandhi

Every December, I try and find just the right inspirational desk calendar to place at my work for the new year. One year it may be Bible quotes, another year may be mom-inspiring quotes, but last year I bought a desk calendar of Gandhi’s quotes. I would come into work and one of the first […]

Keep it Going!!

Christmas is NOT over. According to the liturgical calendar, the Christmas season continues on until January 7th. However, I must ask, why is that we, as a society tend to focus on the “spirit of Christmas” only during the Christmas season? Despite taking the Christmas tree, ornaments and decorations down; I believe that we should […]