Where Have I Been?

Hello again!! It has been quite some time since I have been on this platform. There is no excuse other than life itself and let me tell you, it has been daunting…. Today, I would like to share my journey on where I have been and how exactly I have been preparing for yet again, […]

Did You Miss Me? Because My Marriage Took Me Away for a Little While!

I’m hoping that you missed me. If you follow me on Instagram, you knew that I had been blessed with a little getaway to New York City. My husband surprised me with a celebration of our anniversary to my favorite city in the world. I would love to spend this time glorifying my grandiose love […]

Cancer Really Does Suck!!

I have written about cancer in past posts; but in the last few months I feel as though it is enveloping me. I have experienced cancer on both my side of the family, as well as my husband’s. A few years ago, mine and my husband’s godmother dealt with breast cancer and just two weeks […]