In a World of Darkness, Let Us Show Each Other Hope.

With all that is occuring in our world today, it is easy to be passionately opinionated, convictedly judgemental, and overall, uncompassionate due to fears and anxiety or where our world may venture to as our children grow older in a world of darkness and despair. As we try to commemorate a day dedicated to Martin […]


Last week was a depressing week, to say the least. Robin Williams’ death sparked reflection upon one’s own depression, that I added another day of work with clients who have been affected by their own depression or someone they love, who is suffering from depression or suicidal ideation. I, myself, had to step away from […]

Marriage Isn’t What it Used to Be

The last two weeks, I could not help but reflect upon marriage. It seems to have been a theme in my office and amongst my friends. Dinners with friends have unfortunately made me walk away in tears. Moments in my office have left me sad wondering what has happened to marriages today. I know that […]