To All the Mothers…

Mother’s Day 2010 forever changed my feelings regarding this day. I would like to say that I can look at each year as a new and different experience and I believe for the most part, I do that with other aspects of life. Unfortunately, Mother’s Day has remained a negatively tainted day for me that […]

Are You Still Celebrating Valentine’s?

Last year, I wrote about my Valentines. This year, I did not. Instead, I observed how people actually responded to the ┬áday. For me personally, I think it is a silly day. And, to be perfectly honest, I find all the hearts and pink-ness of everything vomit-inducing. I found it humorous going to the salon, […]

Are You Spaghetti or a Waffle?

Last week, I told a female client of mine that she was like spaghetti. And, I needed her to be more like a waffle. Yes, I use these analogies in my session. Spaghetti? Women tend to do this. All our noodles (stressors, worries, concerns, frustrations, depressing thoughts, etc.) cycle in our brain and become a […]