The Gratitude Exercise

Thanksgiving should be everyday!! It’s one day in which we really focus on gratitude and yet, we really should be grateful everyday. As a therapist, I often advice my clients to utilize the gratitude exercise. Especially for those who struggle with depression. The gratitude exercise incorporates finding something to be grateful for everyday. I like […]

Gratitude is Powerful!

On Monday, I had several clients come in asking me, “Charise, what is the point?” All we see when we look outside in our own neighborhoods, in our schools, sometimes in our churches, and most especially on the tv screen is what many of us consider pure hatred and evil. My insides are triggered watching […]


Last year during this time, I reminded my readers that I, too have anxieties during this time of year as we all desire that picture-perfect holiday. Yet, for some strange reason, I do not feel that way this year. Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I am surprisingly relaxed. To the point that I am having breakfast […]

Do You Know What is Important in Life?

It is that time of year….the time of year when my practice is so full that I can barely take a potty break. The time of year when everyone becomes overwhelmed with schedules, family stressors, insecurities, loneliness, etc. The time of year when people reflect on family dynamics and how it makes family members regress […]

Cancer Really Does Suck!!

I have written about cancer in past posts; but in the last few months I feel as though it is enveloping me. I have experienced cancer on both my side of the family, as well as my husband’s. A few years ago, mine and my husband’s godmother dealt with breast cancer and just two weeks […]