Dear Charise – My Wife and I are Divorcing because of Our Parenting Styles

Dear Charise, My wife and I have constantly argued because we simply do not parent the same way and it has been a source of constant contention in our marriage. I parent my children with discipline, responsibility, and accountability. I know that you too, live in Orange County and I refuse (despite how much money […]

Let’s Keep it in Perspective, Women!!

I have had several conversations this past week regarding women and all the silliness that perpetuates men’s never-ending jokes about how we do things, how we feel about things, and the judgments and cattiness that occur with women and all their “relationships.”   You know the crazy show, Real Housewives of Orange County? Yes, the […]

I CANNOT do it all! Is that ok?

I hear it all the time…”I can’t do it all!” I see women come into my office, feeling shattered with failure because they simply cannot do it all. I have heard this often. Especially, coming from my own mouth! I look at women today and I often wonder, where exactly did all this pressure come […]


In just a few hours, we will be ringing in 2013. Many people ask, “What is your New Year’s resolution?” and often times, it can be an interesting topic of conversation. Especially, when I respond with,”I don’t do new year’s resolutions!” Then, I get the look of dismay. And, God forbid, that I get the […]