Boys Will Be Boys

When my son was younger and even now that he is a teenager, I would often times ask my husband why the heck my son was doing whatever it was he was doing. I simply didn’t understand – why is he eating like a neanderthal? Why is he constantly joking about bodily functions as he […]

Should Hooking Up Be Normal?

It is always a little crazy towards the end of the school year as my adolescent clients get hyped up about prom, graduations, and the ever-so-innocent life-sucking high school parties that have teens going through faster than an In-and-Out drive-thru. Last month was not any different from any other year. That is…other than the intensity […]

Where Are the Fathers?

Prepare yourself – I will be addressing men this week. My posts may sound like I am being harsh on men, but I want to be clear that is not my intention. I am not here to bash men and remind them of “all the things they do wrong.” This is about empowering men. Men, […]

Girls and Sex – Are We Ok with “Normal?”

I have been incredibly disheartened the last couple of weeks as I work with adolescent girls who have normalized sexting, sending nude photos to boys, and “hooking up.” I have had mothers come in blaming themselves, fathers crying, and families being torn by depression and anxiety. I find that regardless of parents’ personal parenting philosophies, […]

I am Wonder Woman!!

As a young girl, when people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would respond with the answer “Wonder Woman.” That is until I realized that my Wonder Woman under-roos (yes, I am that old!) was not a real costume and that Wonder Woman was not an actual profession. I […]