In a World of Versus

Pro-Vaccines Versus Anti-Vaccines Western Medicine Versus Eastern Medicine No Technology Versus Owning most updated technology Homeschool Versus Private School Versus Public School Organic Food Versus I don’t care what I eat Religion Versus Atheist Pro-Life Versus Pro-Choice At-Home Mom Versus Professional Working Mom European Cars Versus American Cars Democrats Versus Republicans It is has been […]

Acknowledge Your Spouse!!

If you were like the other millions of people in the country, you watched Kobe Bryant’s last basketball game. At the end of the game, when he was given the floor to address his fans, he thanked his wife for all the sacrifices she has made in holding down the fort at home, so that […]

Dear Charise – My Family is Not Inclusive

It’s the Holiday Season!! This time every year, my practice doubles with clients. Despite the Holidays being a time of joy and togetherness, it often times conjures up negativity. Since Summer vacation, I have received numerous ‘Dear Charise’ emails regarding family or in-laws not including others in family get-togethers. I have received many more as […]

What I Want Men to Know, From a Woman

The other week, I shared how disheartened I was by what men were saying these days. I grew up with fairly “traditional” men. I never heard my father, grandfather, or uncles complain about how hard they had to work in life. I never heard them complain or speak about their wives in a condesending manner. […]

Are You Focusing?

Life is crazy and hectic, isn’t it? Is it difficult sometimes for you to focus? I mean really focus. Not focus on work, not focus on having a perfect swimsuit model body, not focus on having a model home, not focus on stuff. FOCUS. Focus on life. What is your life defined by? I have […]

Where Has the Summer Gone?

Yesterday was Business Day at my older two kids’ school. It is the day when we get their uniforms, school supplies, check out the events that will be occuring during the school year, and the most important part – finding out who their teachers will be! It is always ¬†interesting how the kids have evolved […]

Do You Still Believe in Marriage?

A few posts ago, I mentioned that I was away as my family attended my sister-in-law’s wedding. It’s always interesting to watch the dynamics of a wedding and how people’s opinions on marriage tend to come out unsolicited. I shared how there was a lot to process from my two weeks away and my husband […]

This Week was Crappy! Yet, I Know that God Exists.

This week was crap! I’m just going to be blunt. On Monday morning I got into a car accident. I have been in one other car accident in my life and it was in a parking lot. There was no damage to my car. This time around, my entire passenger side was crashed and the […]


Thank you to my faithful readers. I have received messages and emails asking if I am all right. Did I fall off the face of the Earth? What’s wrong? The sparked interest of my whereabouts has been kind; but to be perfectly honest, a little stressful. I would love to say that I actually did […]

It’s Christmas Vacation!!!

It’s two more days until Christmas! My children have been off school since Thursday afternoon and we have already made the most of this Christmas vacation. Yes, I am the mom who sends out her Christmas cards on Black Friday and has all her Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving. And, thank God! I have seen […]