The Day I had a Panic Attack When My Daughter Said She Wanted to be Just Like Me!!

Let’s be truthful. I am a pretty good actress. I am not boasting – My husband will reassure you this is true and my daughter validated this thought not too long ago. I walk out of my home looking put together. I present calm and collected. I speak well. I manage my emotions to the […]

School has Begun!

I’m back from taking a short break to regroup myself from the inevitable first two weeks of school. My two older kids started school last week, only to show that 6am wake-up calls is not for everyone. My third child doesn’t begin pre-K until after Labor Day and schedules are already in full swing. School, […]

Mother’s Day Can Be A Sad Day For Me.

A client expressed to me his apprehensions about a party his work was throwing in honor of him. His apprehension was not the party itself, but rather the party was scheduled the same day as the death anniversary of his son. Another client shared her negative feelings about attending a baby shower over the weekend. […]

Let’s Do This, 2014!!

As mentioned before, the holiday season is a busy time for me professionally as my clients book up their sessions with anxiety-ridden triggers of family, finances, grief, and all the emotional roller coaster effects that looking at a Christmas does to one’s psyche. However, it is 2014! As a therapist, I do work with people […]

I Am That Weird Mom Who Cries At My Children’s Christmas Concert!

  I am quite a cynical person. I am the woman who rolls her eyes with a vomit reflux at a romantic movie. When women swoon over sweet gumdrops and lollipop type-things, I can’t help but make a face like my 9 year old son at the sight of vegetables! I am not an overtly […]