It is Dark

It has been a whirlwind of a year as I have transitioned to being a mother of 4 to a mother of 5, while also trying to restructure my business. It has been daunting to think of all the overwhelming responsibilities I have while trying to stay afloat. And after having my 5th baby, I […]

Dear Charise – I’m Unmotivated

Dear Charise, It’s 2015 and I wanted to come into the new year feeling convicted and motivated. Yet, I am feeling depressed, unwilling to change my diet and exercise, unmotivated with work, and completely closed off to my spouse.  Help please! Unmotivated   Dear Unmotivated, I am feeling completely sympathetic towards you and if you […]


Last week was a depressing week, to say the least. Robin Williams’ death sparked reflection upon one’s own depression, that I added another day of work with clients who have been affected by their own depression or someone they love, who is suffering from depression or suicidal ideation. I, myself, had to step away from […]

If He Only Knew the Joy and Laughter He Brought to Us……

  How ironic that I spent this past weekend watching “Mrs. Doubtfire” with my kids, only to find the news about Robin Williams when I came home from work today. It is also ironic that the post scheduled today was originally about finding ourselves in the midst of depression. I have written a few posts […]

Celebrity Suicides

L’wren Scott. Alexander McQueen. Kurt Cobain. Ernest Hemingway. Mindy McCready. Vincent Van Gogh. Marilyn Monroe. This is NOT even a percentage of celebrity suicides. The moment I heard of L’wren Scott, I simply stood there. This is a woman who epitomized class, sophistication, beauty, and talent. And, if you look at the list above, we […]

Are You Jealous?

Have you ever sat down, looked around, and noticed that everyone else seemed to be living the life you envisioned except you? Last week, as in other posts, I have shared the common thread of viewing one’s grass as greener than our own. However, let’s be real – sometimes it actually is greener. That is […]

Are You Spaghetti or a Waffle?

Last week, I told a female client of mine that she was like spaghetti. And, I needed her to be more like a waffle. Yes, I use these analogies in my session. Spaghetti? Women tend to do this. All our noodles (stressors, worries, concerns, frustrations, depressing thoughts, etc.) cycle in our brain and become a […]


In the wake of hearing upon Rick Warren’s (Pastor of Saddleback Church) son’s death due to suicide, I was assisting two clients at the time with intense suicidal ideations. In the same time frame, I had a friend approach me because her friend had committed suicide the week before. Ironically enough, I needed to relax […]

Happiest Place on Earth

I love Disneyland! And, so do my children! After having a crap depressing week, I decided that I wanted to go to Disneyland. Because as Peter Pan says, “Think of all the joy you’ll find when you leave the world behind and bid your cares goodbye.” Ok, let’s be real – our annual passes are […]