Boys Will Be Boys

When my son was younger and even now that he is a teenager, I would often times ask my husband why the heck my son was doing whatever it was he was doing. I simply didn’t understand – why is he eating like a neanderthal? Why is he constantly joking about bodily functions as he […]

Moms of School Children

Yesterday was my little girl’s first day of preschool. It doesn’t matter that she is my third child, it is still difficult to experience all the steps to “letting go.” As I watched her and felt some nostalgia being that it has been 4 years since I walked into that preschool with my two older […]

Is Dignity Lost?

“KEEP YOUR DIGNITY!” was a constant phrase yelled spoken to me by my mother. Dignity. According to Webster’s dictionary, dignity is defined as “the state or quality of being worthy of respect.”  Growing up, the word “respect” was constantly impounded into our head. To respect our elders, those around us, and to respect ourselves was simply […]

What We Learn from Rejection

Thank you everyone for the supportive comments regarding my last post about my son feeling rejected. I will say this – the wonderful thing about boys is that they get over things incredibly quick. If this were my daughter, it would be a completely different story!! That being said, my son has moved on and […]


I was recently asked why so many people seem to be suffering from anxiety and having panic attacks. Is the prescribing of xanax on the rise? I work with one local high school and every student I see from there takes xanax. Yesterday, I saw a family for the first time where the son began […]

Dear Charise – I Have an Entitled Daughter!

Dear Charise, My daughter is 15 and so incredibly entitled. She doesn’t feel she should clean her room because we have a cleaning lady. She gets upset because we don’t want her friends over who are disrespectful to our home. She is 15 and already expecting a luxury car and is planning her “Sweet 16” […]

I Am A Monster!!

At the very beginning of my journey in blogging, I made it clear that despite people’s perceptions of me, I am nothing at all like Martha Stewart. And although I love my family of 6, I am very tired. Yesterday did not start out as one of those days; however at the end of the […]

Can’t We Just All Get Along!!

I love my kids! Really, I do! And for the most part, we all get along and can really enjoy each other. But, there are those times when I wish I had a punching bag so I could release some steam! Many times I do feel like I am just not cut out for being […]

Women of Class

Do you remember when I wrote about Audrey Hepburn? I wrote about her not only because I absolutely love her, but because I truly believe that she possesses grace and class that we rarely see today. I am still amazed that throughout the years in my profession, I rarely come across females who can name […]


In the wake of hearing upon Rick Warren’s (Pastor of Saddleback Church) son’s death due to suicide, I was assisting two clients at the time with intense suicidal ideations. In the same time frame, I had a friend approach me because her friend had committed suicide the week before. Ironically enough, I needed to relax […]