Hello 2018!

There have been many people expressing their elation that 2017 is now considered the past. As I have heard people’s stories of sadness the past year, I could not help but reflect upon my own 2017.

2017 began with my husband and I processing the surprising news that we were pregnant with our 5th child. It filled us with stress, anxiety, and many reflective questions of ourselves. I maintained a steady course of constructive thoughts and redirection to the positives throughout that time, despite what felt like me navigating through high tides. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel if people actually go through it. You cannot reach land unless you sail through the raging waters. There will always be a calmness after a storm. And, yes, the tunnel can be dark, smelly, dingy, and often times scary. But what happens when we get out of the tunnel or when the tide settles in and the waters are no longer rough. Hopefully, we can settle in and bask in the warm light and calm breeze. Sometimes, we can even be blinded by the sunshine. Mid-2017 arrived and my new baby girl came with more than sunshine. No one can prepare you for the amount of sunshine you can receive if you embrace your strength through the trial of treading the horrendous waves and open your arms when you reach the end of that tunnel. My baby came with so much joy and despite the chaos of 5 children, there came a sense of calm and peace. There will always be scary, questionable, and anxiety-provoking moments. But, as we walk through our swells of life, we must remember that our journey is never straight and narrow. We wouldn’t grow otherwise.

So, as we let go of 2017 and enter 2018, let us all see the new year with grace, strength, love, and kindness. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. My baby is now 5 months old and as much as 2017 had anxieties, I could never look back without sheer joy of knowing the reward it gave me in the end.


May everyone have a prosperous New Year!


Charise Casiano

About Charise Casiano

Charise obtained her BA degree at California State University, Stanislaus and immediately pursued her MS degree at Mount Saint Mary’s College. During her college years, Charise left for one year to do missionary work. She traveled the United States troubleshooting with teenagers.