Having a Toddler IS Temporary!

“Parenting is not for the faint of heart.” “You will survive this.” “Enjoy all of this while you can. They grow up too fast.” These are only a few of the comments we hear as parents. Although they are true, it can be very difficult to enjoy parenthood. It is especially difficult to enjoy when […]

Our Daddy is the Best!

Last year for Father’s Day, I shared about my own father. This year, I want to share why my husband is the greatest daddy to our four children…. Although, we do not recognize Paternity leave here in the US, my husband always took the time to be with our children as infants. I never had […]

Mother’s Day Can Be A Sad Day For Me.

A client expressed to me his apprehensions about a party his work was throwing in honor of him. His apprehension was not the party itself, but rather the party was scheduled the same day as the death anniversary of his son. Another client shared her negative feelings about attending a baby shower over the weekend. […]

Where Are the Fathers?

Prepare yourself – I will be addressing men this week. My posts may sound like I am being harsh on men, but I want to be clear that is not my intention. I am not here to bash men and remind them of “all the things they do wrong.” This is about empowering men. Men, […]

Were You On the ‘Nice’ or ‘Naughty’ List?

“Mommy, what’s on your list?” “Mommy, maybe if you didn’t yell so much at us, you could be on the nice list.” “Mommy, why don’t you ever ask for anything?”……the list of questions during Advent that related to my relationship with Santa was endless. I don’t think I have ever felt this guilty since I […]

It’s Christmas Vacation!!!

It’s two more days until Christmas! My children have been off school since Thursday afternoon and we have already made the most of this Christmas vacation. Yes, I am the mom who sends out her Christmas cards on Black Friday and has all her Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving. And, thank God! I have seen […]

I Am That Weird Mom Who Cries At My Children’s Christmas Concert!

  I am quite a cynical person. I am the woman who rolls her eyes with a vomit reflux at a romantic movie. When women swoon over sweet gumdrops and lollipop type-things, I can’t help but make a face like my 9 year old son at the sight of vegetables! I am not an overtly […]

You Don’t Need to Be Sorry That I Have Four Children.

See these adorable children? Yes, they are all mine! All four. And yes, there are moments of exhaustion when I complain and whine about the constant non-stop questions and movement of these four little beings that surround me. When I am not working, I take my children with me everywhere. I just do. Many times […]

The Innocence of Children

As I reflect back on Halloween last week and the weekend with my children, I revel in their innocence. My children are still at the adorable phase of trick-or-treating together and dressing up as superheroes, fairies, and Disney characters. I love this. Why? Because Halloween is no longer about the innocence of children trick or […]

I CANNOT do it all! Is that ok?

I hear it all the time…”I can’t do it all!” I see women come into my office, feeling shattered with failure because they simply cannot do it all. I have heard this often. Especially, coming from my own mouth! I look at women today and I often wonder, where exactly did all this pressure come […]