#ManEnough #redefinemasculinity

Last post, I spoke about “boys will be boys” and our need to change the culture of men. Interestingly enough, I have had women come out of the woodwork, needing sessions because watching news on Harvey Weinstein and constantly hearing #metoo stories have triggered them back into PTSD. I could write forever on this topic, […]

To All the Mothers…

Mother’s Day 2010 forever changed my feelings regarding this day. I would like to say that I can look at each year as a new and different experience and I believe for the most part, I do that with other aspects of life. Unfortunately, Mother’s Day has remained a negatively tainted day for me that […]

The Day I had a Panic Attack When My Daughter Said She Wanted to be Just Like Me!!

Let’s be truthful. I am a pretty good actress. I am not boasting – My husband will reassure you this is true and my daughter validated this thought not too long ago. I walk out of my home looking put together. I present calm and collected. I speak well. I manage my emotions to the […]

Dear Charise – My Wife and I are Divorcing because of Our Parenting Styles

Dear Charise, My wife and I have constantly argued because we simply do not parent the same way and it has been a source of constant contention in our marriage. I parent my children with discipline, responsibility, and accountability. I know that you too, live in Orange County and I refuse (despite how much money […]

When Your Kids Get in the Way

Two more weeks and summer vacation will come to an end. The kids are now back into the rountine of their extra-curricular schedules, with their backpacks filled with school supplies and their uniforms, washed and hung. We are headed back to the routine of getting through our days filled with clients, meetings, books, projects, homework, […]

My Fantasy of Motherhood is Not My Reality

Mother’s Day can be a sensitive day for many. And although I have typically honored Mother’s Day weekend with a positive post in the past, this year I hesitated as I came across many women who were struggling. I felt so much compassion and empathy as I listened to their stories. I could not help […]

What Cinderella Taught Me….

My two older daughters are four years and one day apart. They both had birthdays last week and every year, I am amazed at how fast they are growing. Having daughters is not anything I specifically planned. I actually thought that I wanted to have all sons. That is, until I realized I didn’t have […]

School has Begun!

I’m back from taking a short break to regroup myself from the inevitable first two weeks of school. My two older kids started school last week, only to show that 6am wake-up calls is not for everyone. My third child doesn’t begin pre-K until after Labor Day and schedules are already in full swing. School, […]

Where Has the Summer Gone?

Yesterday was Business Day at my older two kids’ school. It is the day when we get their uniforms, school supplies, check out the events that will be occuring during the school year, and the most important part – finding out who their teachers will be! It is always ¬†interesting how the kids have evolved […]

Dear Charise – My Daughter is Off to College

“Dear Charise” is BACK!!!! I have to apologize because I actually have been receiving “Dear Charise” emails, but I simply have not been able to filter through some of them to answer. I am back and have actually received this particular question several times throughout this past month and thought it would be appropriate to […]