Do Not Judge Me Based on Who I Vote For

It would be an understatement to say that people’s convictions, thoughts, and feelings are intensely passionate regarding this upcoming election. Now that both National Conventions have aired, it is safe to say that people are more opinionated than ever. My blog has never been a platform for political accountability and I do not plan on […]

Why Do People Do Bad Things?

I was having a crap day. I was feeling sad, angry, and disappointed. I was feeling frustrated that people couldn’t care enough about others to make them feel safe, protected, and mostly loved. And then……I come home to the news of what occured in Paris. As my emotions began to rise, I could not help […]

Our Obsession with Celebrity Addicts

Amanda Bynes. Amy Winehouse. Lindsay Lohan. Drew Barrymore. John Belushi. River Phoenix. Whitney Houston. Bobby Brown. James Brown. Kurt Cobain. Cory Monteith. Brittney Murphy. Courtney Love. Tatum O’Neal. Ozzy Osbourne. Richard Pryor. Charlie Sheen. The list could continue to occupy my entire blog post. There is a celebrity addict who struggles every day… This is […]

I Challenge You to Speak Up to Your Religious Community or Church!

Thank you to all my readers who read last week’s post and for all those who emailed me and contacted me with positive words of affirmations. I can only hope when I write posts that garner deep feelings of conflict, that we always find the humanity in situations to respect and love others, despite the […]

Enough is Enough

Let’s be clear. I am Christian. And, a practicing Christian at that. I attend church weekly, and when possible, even daily. I pray everyday. All day. I believe in the Bible and teach my children the theology I believe. I follow the Ten Commandments to the best of my ability. Most of my library contains […]

Dear Charise, I Do Not Want to Deal with the Transgender Issue

Dear Charise, I am very upset. My children and I were watching a family movie on ABCFamily and in the middle of the movie, they aired a commercial depicting families going through transgender issues of children dealing with their parent’s sexual reassignment. I was so shocked and surprised as my older child (9 years old) […]

What My Clients Have Learned from 50 Shades

I am going to be honest…I do not have a strong desire to give my personal opinion on 50 Shades of Grey. The internet is infiltrated with a flood of articles and commentaries on EVERYONE and their mother’s opinions of the crazy popularized book of 50 Shades (and ironically many of these people commenting have […]

I am Tired of Hearing About Racism

I am here. I did not fall off the face of the earth, nor did I forget about my blog. I apologize as there are no excuses other than life simply getting the best of me. With work, school, my children’s schedule, the stomach flu attacking my household, and the hussle and bustle of the […]

I am a Christian Woman and I Support #HeforShe

“Charise, you need to be able to think like a man.” “I’m impressed. You have a man’s brain in a pretty head.” “I didn’t want to hire you because you were too attractive.” “I’m not sure females should be youth ministers because they get pregnant and then, they leave.” “Your intellect and demeanor comes across […]

Do You Believe in a Beautiful World?

Last week, I saw a young 16 year old girl as my last client of the day. She came in sad, sat down, and said, “Charise, this is a depressing world and I don’t believe in people anymore. Especially guys.” Now, most of my clients that day came in feeling somewhat depressed, but for some […]