When Death is Too Overwhelming

And in His will is our peace – Dante Let’s face it – January has been a month of grief. Everytime I turn on the news, I hear of someone’s passing. Add to it the reality of who we live amongst, and we have encountered clients, colleagues, peers, and family who is grieving someone’s death. […]

Is Being Merciful on Your New Year’s Resolution List?

Happy New Year!! Many of you know that I don’t necessarily participate in New Year’s Resolution Lists. I can appreciate them and I recognize that for many people, the beginning of the year brings a sense of motivation. I make a resolution list every day, week, month…but, constantly hearing and reading various different resolutions throughout […]

Do You Walk Like Jesus?

A blank stare is typically given to me when I ask young people who their heroes are. An apathetic look is a typical response I receive when I ask who they admire. In this day and age, people are yearning to feel convicted. To feel like there is direction in life. To feel a purpose. […]

How Do You Keep Your Life in Perspective?

It can be difficult to not be inundated with worldly chaos. It can be even more difficult to compartmentalize our emotional chaos from our environment. When we look at our lives, it is easy to be immersed in all the stressors and see only what is in our bubble. This is normal. However, I ask, […]

Dear Charise, I Do Not Want to Deal with the Transgender Issue

Dear Charise, I am very upset. My children and I were watching a family movie on ABCFamily and in the middle of the movie, they aired a commercial depicting families going through transgender issues of children dealing with their parent’s sexual reassignment. I was so shocked and surprised as my older child (9 years old) […]

Too Much Talk

Do you sometimes feel as though there is just too much “talk” coming at you? Talk on the radio. Talk on television. “Conversations” or discussions on social media outlets. Words on magazines “talking” to you. Pastors talking to you, making attempts to guide you in life. Family and friends constantly talking to, with, and at […]

Holy Week is the Most Important Week of the Year

  Holy Week in the Christian year is the week immediately preceding Easter and the last week of Lent. During Holy Week, some Christians observe the Easter Triduum. The first three days of Holy Week is when we recount the events of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, Judas’ betrayal of Jesus, Peter’s denial of Jesus, and […]

I am Tired of Hearing About Racism

I am here. I did not fall off the face of the earth, nor did I forget about my blog. I apologize as there are no excuses other than life simply getting the best of me. With work, school, my children’s schedule, the stomach flu attacking my household, and the hussle and bustle of the […]

Gratitude is Powerful!

On Monday, I had several clients come in asking me, “Charise, what is the point?” All we see when we look outside in our own neighborhoods, in our schools, sometimes in our churches, and most especially on the tv screen is what many of us consider pure hatred and evil. My insides are triggered watching […]

Are Women Really as Compassionate as They Claim to Be?

We hear it often – women are naturally born as compassionate human beings and that is why professions such as nursing and teaching are predominantly women. These are the professions that are categorized as nurturing, caring, and compassionate jobs and thus, women inundate these fields. Do I believe that women are compassionate? I have to […]