Dear Charise – My Family is Not Inclusive

It’s the Holiday Season!! This time every year, my practice doubles with clients. Despite the Holidays being a time of joy and togetherness, it often times conjures up negativity. Since Summer vacation, I have received numerous ‘Dear Charise’ emails regarding family or in-laws not including others in family get-togethers. I have received many more as […]

Dear Charise – I Love My Husband, But I Still Think About My Ex

Dear Charise, I have been for the most part, happily married to my husband for 16 years and we have a beautiful family of 3 children. I know that my husband loves me. We have a gorgeous home, our children are privileged with life experiences such as traveling, I get to be an at-home mom; and yet, for […]

Dear Charise – My Wife and I are Divorcing because of Our Parenting Styles

Dear Charise, My wife and I have constantly argued because we simply do not parent the same way and it has been a source of constant contention in our marriage. I parent my children with discipline, responsibility, and accountability. I know that you too, live in Orange County and I refuse (despite how much money […]

Dear Charise, I Do Not Have a Hallmark Relationship with My Mother

Dear Charise, As Mother’s Day approaches, it is always difficult for me to find an appropriate card. I respect and love my mother; however, I simply do not and have never had a “Hallmark” relationship with her. I never had the relationship with her that I saw my girlfriends had with their mothers where they […]

Dear Charise, I Do Not Want to Deal with the Transgender Issue

Dear Charise, I am very upset. My children and I were watching a family movie on ABCFamily and in the middle of the movie, they aired a commercial depicting families going through transgender issues of children dealing with their parent’s sexual reassignment. I was so shocked and surprised as my older child (9 years old) […]

Dear Charise, My Valentine is Not Romantic

Dear Charise, I have been with my husband for over 10 years and we have three children. I have never been one to ask for any gifts, much less expect it. I typically am very content going out with my entire family or going someplace low-key. However, I feel something within me growing and I […]

Dear Charise – I’m Unmotivated

Dear Charise, It’s 2015 and I wanted to come into the new year feeling convicted and motivated. Yet, I am feeling depressed, unwilling to change my diet and exercise, unmotivated with work, and completely closed off to my spouse.  Help please! Unmotivated   Dear Unmotivated, I am feeling completely sympathetic towards you and if you […]

Dear Charise – My Daughter is Off to College

“Dear Charise” is BACK!!!! I have to apologize because I actually have been receiving “Dear Charise” emails, but I simply have not been able to filter through some of them to answer. I am back and have actually received this particular question several times throughout this past month and thought it would be appropriate to […]

Dear Charise – My teenage daughter is having sex!!

Dear Charise, My husband and I are devout Lutherans and we recently discovered that my daughter is having sex. She is a junior in high school and we are part of a small community where everyone knows everyone. I feel so disgraced and my husband is so angry that he wants to kick her out. […]

Dear Charise – I am an Annoyed College Student

Dear Charise, I just got back home from college a week ago and I am already annoyed by my parents. My mom is constantly bugging me about unpacking, constantly going out, and not having a summer job. My dad is annoying me because he thinks I am using “his house as a hotel” where I […]